The mobile veterinary services opportunity is enormous.

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Did you know?

Going mobile provides greater scheduling flexibility for veterinarians.

Significantly increase your earnings potential!

As a mobile veterinarian with a Wag’n Tails vehicle, you will have the necessary equipment and support to transform both your career and checking account. Whether you are starting your own business or adding mobile services to an established business, a veterinarian can earn more than 3x their income with a mobile veterinary clinic. How is this possible? Well, it’s actually quite simple: less expense plus more revenue equals greater earnings. Going mobile significantly reduces your veterinary clinic overhead expenses. And because of the better experience for pet patients as well as the convenience it affords to pet parents, clients are willing to pay more for mobile veterinary services.

Did you know?

Clients pay more for mobile veterinary services.

The future for mobile veterinarians is extremely bright.

According to the most recent American Pet Products Association’s National Pet Owners Surveys, there are approximately 63.4 million households in the U.S. with at least one dog and 89.7 million total dogs. There are also about 42.7 million households in the U.S. with at least one cat and 94.2 million total cats. Going mobile empowers veterinarians to better serve pet patients, pet parents, and themselves. A mobile veterinary clinic leads to reduced stress and anxiety for pet patients, more convenience and time for pet parents, and greater earnings potential and scheduling flexibility for veterinarians.

Routine wellness services such as vaccinations, diagnostic tests, physical exams, nutritional consults, X-rays, dentistry, etc. should be offered to clients as a mobile option. Mobile veterinary care allows brick-and-mortar clinics to maximize square footage for higher value medical procedures such as surgeries. Going mobile also expands the service radius of brick-and-mortar clinics and enhances marketing visibility in the communities those clinics serve. As pet parents become more aware of the preventative healthcare benefits of routine wellness care as well as the many advantages that mobile veterinary services provide, they will increasingly seek out veterinarians best capable of meeting their needs. The Covid-19 pandemic has only accelerated this growing trend. As a veterinarian or practice owner, how are you positioning yourself or your practice for future growth and success? 

Crunching the Numbers

Averaging about 15 pets per day at approximately $295 per client transaction and working 5 days per week (22 working days per month), you will generate $97,350 monthly or $1,168,200 annually. Subtract your overhead expenses and cost of supplies and your profit would be $77,481 per month or $929,772 per year!

Are you making this income right now? Are you setting your own hours? You could be!

Item Accountant Speak Vet Speak
Vehicle & Generator Fuel $758 2.6 client transactions
Maintenance (oil changes, etc.) $250 .8 client transactions
Wag'n Tails Vehicle Payment $2,743 9.3 client transactions
Vehicle & Business Insurance $350 1.2 client transactions
Supplies (pharma/exam/other) $11,686 40 client transactions
Phone $150 .5 client transactions
Advertising $200 .7 client transactions
Veterinary Technician $3,732 12.7 client transactions
Monthly Totals $19,869 67.8 client transactions

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“We are very excited to provide mobile veterinary services in the coastal area to new and existing clients. Mobile services not only relieve stress in pets who do not like to be transported, but these services are also very convenient for pet owners who are unable to easily travel. Mobile services are especially great for clients who would prefer a private visit with their pet’s doctor in the comfort of their own home.”

Dr. Gwynn Hardee

“There are people in need who can’t come to the clinic, so I go to them. Mobile veterinary services provide a stress-free environment for pets as well as clients. I feel the bond. I feel the love, unconditional love, and I know that pet parents feel the same way. Right now, I’m living my dream.”

Dr. Venkat Kuncharapu

“Going mobile has been a big change for me. I used to work 12 hours a day in a large veterinary hospital and rarely had time to even go outside, which was hard for me. Now, I have freedom to set my own schedule, which helps me to have a more balanced life. I focus mostly on wellness care with my mobile practice but have an agreement with a local clinic to perform surgeries there one day a week, which works out really well for everyone.”

Dr. Amalia Lopez

“The two hours commuting on top of a 10 to 12-hour workday was creating a taxing situation for my family and me. I wanted to continue practicing veterinary medicine at a level that I had grown to love while still having time to care for my husband and kids. Starting my own mobile veterinary practice has given me the flexibility to do both and not have to sacrifice one at the expense of the other. It has been a life-giving experience.”

Dr. Kathy Baker
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