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Dyna Well Pet Vet

Dyna WellPet Vet

The Dyna Well Pet Vet is our most popular and economical specialty vehicle designed, engineered, and manufactured specifically for cost-conscious veterinarians seeking value, fuel efficiency, and long-lasting durability. Built using a Ford 350 Transit High Roof Cargo Van, this veterinary vehicle is 22 feet long with sufficient workspace and storage capacity for 1-2 pet care professionals.

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Vehicle Features

  • Owner/Operator Manual – complete instructions on the use of your clinic.
  • 5 Year/60,000 mile Conversion Warranty – unmatched in the industry. 
  • Dedicated customer service staff – technical, parts and warranty support. 
  • Financing – Assistance in obtaining financing for your vehicle. 
  • Stainless Steel Sink – high spout faucet for convenience. 
  • Easy Fill Water Tank – carry all the fresh water you’ll need for the day and the oversized dirty water tank keeps your footprint clean. 
  • Easy Disconnect Water Lines – no special tools or adhesives for repairs if needed. Wide open access for plumbing lines. 
  • Gate Valve Tank Drain System – draining your dirty water is quick and easy. Collapsible 20’ drain hose included. 
  • Six Gallon LP / Electric Water Heater – electronic starter with the flip of a switch. Electric element is a backup so you will always have hot water. 
  • 7.9 Gallon LP Tank – externally mounted for quick refill at your local facility. High capacity makes refills few and far between. 
  • Onan 7000 EFI Commercial Generator 2 year/2000 hour/5-year drive belt limited warranty provides 58.3 amps of consistent power; enough power to operate all appliances in your clinic—all at the same time if necessary! Most importantly, you are completely self-contained. 
  • 2000W Inverter with AGM Batteries This combination makes one of the most fuel efficient veterinary vehicles on the market. 
  • 110 Volt Electrical Service with Hospital Grade GFCI Protection Safety in the clinic area and with 20 outlet receptacles you will never be looking for a place to plug in that additional appliance. 
  • Shore Line Power Cord Connection input for use as a backup electrical source if needed. 
  • LP, Water Tanks and Battery Monitoring Panel check fresh water, dirty water, LP gas, and battery charge levels with the touch of a button. 
  • Easy to maneuver No special driver license needed. 
  • Electric Examination Table lowers to 18″ and rises to 42″. The 24”X37” top with extension has space for the largest of pets. 
  • Digital Pet Scale High capacity, easy to read digital display is very accurate. 
  • Norcold 2.7 cubic foot AC/DC Refrigerator keep pharmaceuticals at the proper temperature. 
  • Commercial Central Vacuum System keep the clinic clean with this commercial grade wet/dry vacuum system. 
  • Marine grade vinyl interior accents this vinyl will not absorb moisture and gives your clinic personality and a professional appeal. 
  • Exam stool swivel top with casters and adjustable height provides a stable platform and reduces fatigue. 
  • Pet recovery Compartment Completely removable for transport and easy cleaning. 
  • Exam Light flood/spot combination with articulating arm provides all the light you need right where you need it. 
  • LED Lighting Amazingly bright lighting overhead with Lexan covers to provide excellent lighting for the most complicated procedure. 
  • Tinted Window provide ambient light while you work. Tinting reduces heat transfer while allowing you a view of the outside world. 
  • 12V Access Lights in the cab, clinic and rear storage room provide auxiliary illumination. 
  • Exterior utility light Illuminates utility area connections and exterior for use after dark. 
  • 20,000 BTU Furnace powerful heating system for cold days. 
  • 15,000 BTU Air Conditioner the power of this air conditioner will keep you comfortable in the harshest of climates. 
  • Overhead Power Vent our bi-directional 3 speed ducted fan provides excellent ventilation. 
  • Plenty of laboratory counter space room for your microscope, centrifuge and more. 
  • Spacious side mounted overhead cabinets Sure Shut doors keep everything within easy reach and securely inside the cabinets while driving. 
  • Large over counter storage larger supplies fit easily and Lexan windows make contents easy to find 
  • Large drawers with Posi-Lock Latches easily accommodates a laptop, client files, etc. and keeps the contents safe while traveling. 
  • Stealthy controlled substances drawer locking drawer hidden behind a benign looking vinyl flip cover. 
  • Giant rear storage compartment will hold all the large items you may need. If you need it, bring it! 
  • Safety Bulkhead Wall separates the cab from your examination area. You’re safer while driving with a bulkhead wall protecting the cab area. 
  • Assist Handles easy clinic ingress/egress. 
  • Fire Extinguisher easily within reach if needed. 
  • Reverse gear selected signal alerts those around you that the van is backing up. 
  • Ground Fault Interrupt Circuits Hospital grade outlets standard safety code protocol for working near water. 
  • Commercial Grade Flooring with a 12 year warranty, our flooring is designed for a brutal work environment. Chemical resistant, slip resistant and heat resistant. A bacteriostat incorporated into it gives the surface excellent odor and mildew control. 
  • Commercial Grade Sub Floor also with a 12 year warranty, it is specifically made for heavy duty commercial work environments. 
  • High-Gloss Formica Walls, Trim and Bulkhead easy to clean and will look like new for years. The white Formica reflects the light for optimum visibility. 
  • Doors and Walls insulated with R-11 Ecobat fiberglass insulation to maximize heating/cooling efficiency. 
  • Wide Step Running Boards gives your clinic a great look and allows easy, safe access. 

Conversion Vehicle Weight (CVW) 9038 lbs. (est.)

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) 10,360 lbs.

Outside height 10’ 4” to Top of AC Unit 

Outside length 22’ Bumper to Bumper 

Outside width 8′ with Mirrors Extended 

Inside height 6′ 6″ Floor to Ceiling 

Inside length 13 ‘3″ From Rear of Seats 

Inside width 6′ Wall to Wall at Floor 

Inside sq. ft. 67.98′ 

Ford Transit High Roof Van and Standard Conversion

  • Ford Pre-Collision Assist with Auto Emergency Braking
  • 10 Speed Automatic Transmission
  • Auto High Beam Headlamps
  • Bluetooth Phone Steering Wheel Controls
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • AM/FM Stereo w/ Clock
  • Dual Rear Wheels
  • Back Up Camera
  • 25 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • 3.5L PFDI V6 Engine
  • Vinyl Bucket Seats
  • Chrome Grille
  • Upgraded Wheel Covers
  • Right Sliding Salon Door w/ Window
Base Pricing for 2022 Ford Transit Cargo Van and Standard Veterinary Conversion

2024 Ford Transit 350 High Roof Van: $59,800.00* 

Standard Clinic Conversion: $63,567.00 

Total Base Price $123,367.00 


Wag’n Tails CleanPower System – 1,200-amp-hour lithium battery pack with battery management system (BMS) and internal heater, remote monitor display, upgraded 15,000 BTU rooftop air conditioner, 2800W inverter/charger, 2000W inverter, solar panels on roof, and additional electric heater in rear area. Onan Generator not included with Wag’n Tails CleanPower System option. (Access to power outlet required for nightly charging when not in use) For more details call 800-513-0304 or visit https://mobilevetclinic.com/cleanpowersystem.


Premium Rear Stereo System with AM/FM/MP3 Radio with Satellite Antenna


Overhead Vent/Deluxe Vent Cover


Anti-Freeze System/2 Gallon Reservoir


Graphics Consulting/Materials/Application


Insulated Window Shade Kit



Medical Equipment Available
Call for Pricing



Dental Scaler/Polisher Combo

Dental Scale Mini

Dental X-Ray

Dental/Lavage Tray

LED Microscope

Standard Microscope


Direct Radiography

X-Ray Arm

Oxygen Concentrator

Waste Gas Evacuation System

Anesthesia Machine


All information is subject to change without notice.

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Our Warranty Best warranty in the business


Full Years


“We are very excited to provide mobile veterinary services in the coastal area to new and existing clients. Mobile services not only relieve stress in pets who do not like to be transported, but these services are also very convenient for pet owners who are unable to easily travel. Mobile services are especially great for clients who would prefer a private visit with their pet’s doctor in the comfort of their own home.”

Dr. Gwynn Hardee

“There are people in need who can’t come to the clinic, so I go to them. Mobile veterinary services provide a stress-free environment for pets as well as clients. I feel the bond. I feel the love, unconditional love, and I know that pet parents feel the same way. Right now, I’m living my dream.”

Dr. Venkat Kuncharapu

“Going mobile has been a big change for me. I used to work 12 hours a day in a large veterinary hospital and rarely had time to even go outside, which was hard for me. Now, I have freedom to set my own schedule, which helps me to have a more balanced life. I focus mostly on wellness care with my mobile practice but have an agreement with a local clinic to perform surgeries there one day a week, which works out really well for everyone.”

Dr. Amalia Lopez

“The two hours commuting on top of a 10 to 12-hour workday was creating a taxing situation for my family and me. I wanted to continue practicing veterinary medicine at a level that I had grown to love while still having time to care for my husband and kids. Starting my own mobile veterinary practice has given me the flexibility to do both and not have to sacrifice one at the expense of the other. It has been a life-giving experience.”

Dr. Kathy Baker
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