Why End of Life Veterinary Care is Best Delivered in the Home

Why End of Life Veterinary Care is Best Delivered in the Home

Of all the things in life that bring us joy, pets top the list. They show us unconditional love, greeting us with slobbery kisses or snuggling up to us at the end of a long day, and teach us to see the world as they do—with excitement, curiosity, and awe. 

That’s why for pet owners and healthcare providers alike, discussing end of life care can be an emotionally taxing experience. 

Fortunately, as a mobile healthcare provider, you can help make this difficult time less painful for both pets and their owners by administering end of life care in their home—a place filled with memories, warmth, and unconditional love.

Discussing End of Life Care

There’s no easy way to prepare to say goodbye to a loved one, especially a pet. However, by discussing end of life care with pet owners, you can help guide them through their pet’s end of life journey while providing relief to their furry companions. 

End of life care is best discussed when a pet starts exhibiting signs of declining health. These signs can include: 

  • Reduced appetite or changes in eating habits
  • Changes in activity and energy levels
  • Hiding
  • Decreased mobility
  • Increased vocalizations
  • Changes in sleep habits

Recognizing the signs of declining health can be difficult for pet parents, but in doing so, they open the door for you to provide options for pain management. 

With end of life care services, pain can be managed through: 

  • Prescription medication 
  • Dietary supplements
  • Diet changes
  • Physical therapy (depending on the pet’s health)
  • Acupuncture
  • Cold laser therapy (which uses a low-energy laser to reduce inflammation)

Although pain during the late stages of an animal’s life often can’t be fully eliminated, these types of pain management practices can significantly reduce a pet’s suffering and improve their quality of life. 

The Benefits of Mobile Vet Services for End of Life Care

Although effective in alleviating pain, end of life care services traditionally requires frequent trips to the vet. But for pets and owners alike, traveling to a brick-and-mortar veterinary clinic can be a stressful and frustrating experience. 

That’s where mobile veterinary services can help. 

As a mobile vet, you can provide elderly and ill pets with essential end of life care services from the safety and comfort of their homes. Aside from alleviating pain, mobile end of life care also offers a number of positive benefits for pets and their parents. 

Stress-Free Service

When traveling to the vet, pets can often feel stressed, anxious, or scared. This can be due to:

  • Joint pain that makes moving difficult
  • Motion sickness during car rides 
  • Fear of the car and/or surrounding traffic
  • Crowded and hectic veterinary waiting rooms 

While stress can be detrimental to pets of any age, older pets in particular should avoid unnecessary stress as it can weaken their immune system, raise their heart rate, and elevate their blood pressure. 

Because mobile veterinary services eliminate the need to travel, they thereby eliminate these potential stressors and make receiving necessary end of life healthcare a more comfortable, stress-free experience.

Safety and Privacy

When receiving end of life care at home, pets can relax in their favorite bed and find reassurance in the familiar faces of their loved ones. Plus, within the safety of their homes, elderly or immuno-compromised pets don’t risk contracting bacteria or viruses from potentially contagious animals in a traditional veterinary waiting room.

With mobile end of life care, pet owners can also find solace in their ability to grieve in the privacy of their own homes, rather than in a public veterinary clinic surrounded by doctors and strangers. 

Warmth and Love in a Pet’s Final Moments 

When end of life care and pain management no longer meets a pet’s needs, euthanasia can provide a peaceful and painless transition from this life into the next. Although it may be difficult for owners to consider, euthanasia is a humane and gentle way to end a pet’s suffering when their health has deteriorated past the point of intervention. This is particularly true for elderly pets who begin to experience more aggressive end of life symptoms, such as incontinence or seizures. 

With mobile end of life services, euthanasia doesn’t have to be carried out in the unfamiliar, sterile environment of a veterinary clinic. Rather, pet owners can say goodbye to their best friends in a place filled with warmth and love. 

With at-home euthanasia, owners can also: 

  • Surround their pet with their favorite toys and blankets 
  • Invite close friends and family members to say goodbye 
  • Create a peaceful environment with music or candles

Bring Care and Comfort to All Furry Friends with Wag’n Tails 

End of life care is a natural and necessary part of every pet’s journey. Although it can be difficult to discuss and plan for, end of life care can alleviate pain and provide a gentle transition for elderly or ill pets, particularly when performed in the comfort of their homes. 

To offer the best, at-home end of life care for pets and their owners, you can purchase or lease a state-of-the-art veterinary vehicle from Wag’n Tails. With nearly 50 years of experience in the pet care industry, Wag’n Tails understands the importance of excellent pet care through quality equipment solutions. That’s why Wag’n Tails offers three innovative veterinary vehicle models, along with flexible financing options, reliable customer service, and mobile business consulting support. 

For convenience, comfort, and at-home care, choose Wag’n Tails. Contact us today for more information.



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