The Advantages of Mobile Veterinary Services for Solo Practitioners and Clinics 

The Advantages of Mobile Veterinary Services for Solo Practitioners and Clinics 

As a veterinarian, you’ve dedicated your life to providing pets with the essential healthcare services they need for long lives filled with squeaky toys, yummy treats, and those tail thumpin’ belly rubs. But with mobile veterinary services, you can provide your cuddly clientele with even more, while also experiencing exciting benefits for yourself. 

Whether you’re a solo practitioner starting your pet care journey or the owner of a larger veterinary practice, offering mobile veterinary services can lead to countless personal and financial gains, including stronger customer relationships and increased profits. But the benefits don’t sit and stay there

Keep reading to learn more about the many advantages of mobile veterinary services. 

Why Owners are Begging for Mobile Veterinary Services 

From more convenience to less stress, pet owners are turning to mobile veterinary services for a variety of reasons. Not only can offering mobile services provide your furry patients with the essential healthcare they need to live long, healthy lives, but it can also expand your clientele and increase your profits. 

Let’s dig into some of the most pup-ular reasons why pet owners are begging for mobile veterinary services. 

Receiving Care from the Comfort of Home

While pets are certainly a priority to their owners, they’re not the only ones who need attention, love, and care (despite their persuasive puppy eyes). Many pet owners also have to dedicate time to:

    • Careers
    • Social lives
    • Relationships 
  • Human family members

With these various responsibilities and commitments, pet parents may find it difficult to make time for vet appointments, especially those parents who work during the hours brick-and-mortar veterinary clinics are open. 

With mobile veterinary services, you can provide pets the care they need without requiring their owners to travel any farther than their front yard. Plus, with your own mobile unit, you’re the boss. That means you can schedule appointments that fit your client’s schedule or your own. It’s your choice!

Eliminating Pet Travel Trauma 

Just as you might have a fear of flying, pets can have a fear of driving. Not only because they don’t understand the mechanical contraption that carries them along the highway, but also because they may experience motion sickness. Plus, if a pet isn’t familiar with trips in the car (which is often the case with house cats), the unfamiliar sights, sounds, and feel of the car ride can frighten and confuse them. 

But the stress doesn’t end there. Crowded and noisy veterinary waiting rooms can put a pet on edge, particularly if they’re not used to being around other animals. 

No pet owner wants their beloved family member to experience trauma like this, and seeing the effects a trip to the vet can have may cause owners to avoid the vet altogether. With mobile veterinary services, you can ensure all pets receive the healthcare services they need, without the trauma that may come from leaving the house, riding in the car, or waiting in a crowded veterinary clinic. 

Ensuring Healthcare Regardless of Mobility 

For pet owners who have limited mobility, traveling to the vet can be a difficult, if not altogether impossible, task. The same is true for pets who suffer from limited mobility, whether due to their age or a medical condition. By offering mobile veterinary services, you deliver healthcare straight to the patient, eliminating the frustration, hassle, and stress that those with limited mobility face when they need to travel to the vet. 

Providing Ease for Multi-Pet Households

Pet owners don’t need to own 101 dalmations to understand that having multiple pets comes with its fair share of challenges. One of those challenges? Making sure everyone gets the proper healthcare they need. 

With a traditional brick-and-mortar practice, multi-pet households must either:

  • Attempt to schedule appointments for all their pets on the same day 
  • Make multiple trips to the vet in one month 

With mobile veterinary services, you can bring veterinary care directly to a multi-pet household and ensure each of their fur babies is examined on the same day. 

Offering a One-On-One Experience 

No matter how much of an animal whisperer you may be, providing care to a pet who is anxious or stressed about being in a clinic can hinder the relationship you’re able to build. Plus, in a traditional practice where you don’t have control over your schedule, you’re not able to dedicate much time to each patient.

However, the flexibility and ease of mobile veterinary services allows you the time to get to know your patients and build the type of trust that’s necessary to ensure they’re comfortable and happy. 

In fact, for particularly anxious pets, you can even schedule a “meet and greet” appointment before their first examination so that they can learn to see you as a friend, as well as their vet. 

The Benefit of Developing Fur-ever Friendships 

Your patients aren’t the only ones who benefit from personalized, one-on-one care. As a mobile veterinary service provider, building stronger client relationships with your four-legged friends and their two-legged owners can lead to benefits such as:

  • Repeat service – When pet owners experience the convenience of your mobile services and the difference one-on-one care makes to their pet’s stress levels, they’re more likely to choose your mobile services in the future. 
  • Competitive pricing – Satisfied pet owners are also more likely to pay more for the convenience and comfort that mobile veterinary services provide. This means you can charge more than you would for services provided at a brick-and-mortar veterinary clinic. 
  • More effective healthcare – When pets receive veterinary care from the comfort of their homes, and from a trusted friend like yourself, they’re more calm and compliant than they would be at a clinic. Not only does this make for a more pleasant experience, but it also allows you to take more accurate readings of blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature, which can all be affected by stress and anxiety. 

How Loyal Clients Can Drive Success 

When you develop personal relationships with your patients and their owners, you build customer loyalty. While this is essential to any growing business, it’s particularly important to mobile veterinary services which rely heavily on word of mouth referrals. 

Whether it’s through the dog park, doggie daycare, or puppy playdates, pet owners often know other pet owners. And when an owner finds a product or service that promotes their pet’s quality of life as well as their own, they’re likely to refer it to their fellow pet owning friends. 

To further grow your business through word of mouth referrals, you can also create a website or social media page, or utilize Google to facilitate online client reviews. And because you’re mobile, owners who read your positive reviews can take advantage of your exceptional services regardless of where they live. Not only can this increase your profits by expanding your client base, but it can also save you money on marketing expenses. 

The Freedom of Mobile Veterinary Services 

Like an unleashed dog, racing across an open field, mobile veterinary services can provide you with the sweet taste of freedom. That’s because as a mobile vet, you have the luxury of creating your own schedule, with flexible appointment times, to best serve your clients and your lifestyle. 

Based on your preferences, you can choose to work: 

  • Four days a week rather than five  
  • Early in the morning 
  • Late at night 
  • During the week
  • On weekends
  • Or any other combination of days and times

You can even dedicate various days of the week to serving various areas of town. That way, you save time driving between appointments and save money on fuel. With a flexible schedule, you can provide veterinary services to more clients while simultaneously experiencing a better work/life balance for yourself. 

How Mobile Services Can Pump Up Your Profits 

If you already own a brick-and-mortar veterinary clinic, providing a mobile service option is a smart and convenient way to grow your business, better utilize space in the clinic for higher value surgical procedures, help cover overhead expenses, and attract and retain veterinary talent. In fact, you may find that your mobile services earn you more money than your brick-and-mortar clinic. 


Mobile vets don’t usually run into the same type of collections issues as brick-and-mortar practices. This is because when pet owners choose to schedule with a mobile veterinary service, they understand that they’re investing in quality and convenient healthcare. 

With traditional practices, on the other hand, owners may schedule appointments even when they can’t afford the service—a problem that the American Veterinary Medical Association claims 20% of pet owners experience.

If you’re a solo practitioner new to the world of vet care, starting your own business with a mobile vet vehicle can significantly reduce your upfront costs and ongoing overhead expenses, thereby increasing your bottom line. That’s because with a mobile veterinary unit, you can charge on average about 30% more and don’t need to factor in such expenses as: 

  • Building rent
  • Leasehold improvements (for instance, to flooring, walls, lighting, plumbing, furniture, etc.)
  • Monthly utilities and cleaning services
  • Building insurance coverage
  • Administrative staff
  • Marketing and signage (as your vehicle acts as a mobile advertisement itself)

For The Ultimate Companion in Mobile Veterinary Service, Choose Wag’n Tails 

Whether you’re a solo practitioner itching to build your base of cuddly clients, or a practice owner looking to explore the open road of pet care possibilities, choosing mobile veterinary services provides countless personal and financial advantages. Not to mention, the pets you care for will receive essential healthcare without undergoing the stress and anxiety that can come with a trip to the vet. 

That’s why the pet professionals at Wag’n Tails offer innovative, top-of-the-line mobile veterinary vehicles to better serve our four-legged friends. With nearly 50 years of experience driving success for mobile pet care professionals, Wag’n Tails is the ultimate mobile vet companion. Plus, with their flexible financing options and reliable customer service, Wag’n Tails makes it easy to break into the mobile vet market, grow your client base, and bolster your bottom line. 

Contact us and get movin’ today, with Wag’n Tails.



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